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In Rediscovering An American Classic, Glenda Williams Goodson edits essays by Barbara McCoo Lewis, Willie Bragg, June Rivers, Romanetha Stallworth, and Cynthia Bragg who provide thoughtful insight of Dr. Arenia Conelia Mallory’s work in education, social justice, and cultural change. One of the foremost educators in America. Mallory, a middle class Black from Jackson, Illinois entered the Southland at the request of Bishop Charles Harrison Mason. The 22 year became the President of a school with little income, only two books for the entire school with outdoor facilities. With faith in God and determination, she changed the face of Holmes County through educating the children of impoverished sharecroppers. On the 300 acres she amassed for the school, Mallory would add a high school, an accredited college, and partner with a sorority to provide health care to those who never visited a doctor.  A strategic planner, Mallory traveled to shanties to rescue children from poverty and ignorance, North with her all female gospel singing group to raise funds and to Africa where she brought children from the COGIC schools there to further their education. She creates strategic alliances with Bethune-Cookman University founder Dr.  Mary McLeod Bethune and her sister-in-law actress Ethel Waters to raise awareness and funds. Essayists relate how during the 1930s worldwide Depression she led the Jubilee Harmonizers from Southern cotton fields to large Northern churches and all the way to the FDR White House. Rediscovering essayists relate the far reaching inspiration of Mallory’s fearlessness (she was threatened with lynching in the KKK infested Holmes County when she hired three white teachers) to today’s female leaders. Heeding her admonition to Walk in Dignity, Talk with Dignity and Live in Dignity the reader will rediscover how faith in God and confidence in His choice of you will help to complete their assignment!

Rediscovering An American Classic: The Life of Educator Dr. Arenia C. Mallory

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