Our Vision

The vision of CAACHR is to increase awareness through the dynamic exchange of personal and collective stories and shared African-American church history which will enrich and transform lives. Thus, CAACHR is:

  • a partner who regards the church as the centrality of righteousness whose uniqueness is rooted and grounded in truth of God's Word;

  • a home for collections and programs which reflects upon and serves people who are intent on preserving the African-American church; 

  • a conduit for helping make intra-generational connections between African-American history and today’s church world.

  • an advocate for and steward of historical resources and facilitator of compelling, substantive, and enjoyable learning experiences.

  • a broad network of supporters, church officials, partners, donors, volunteers, advisors, and others who work to extend our impact and strengthen our future.

Our Mantra

"Connecting Generations to the Authentic Church"



2651 Gooch Street
Dallas, TX 75241



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