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Our Values

Stewardship & Service

  • With diligence and great care, we responsibly handle resources that have been entrusted to us.

  • Service Integrity is central to all we do. Our focus is intent on providing public access to information which assist those who are in need of historical data conducive to the preservation of African-American church history.


Innovation & Resourcefulness

  • We continually seek innovative methods for which will forge connections between church history and African-American culture.

  • Creativity and effectiveness are critical to our success and are recognized, supported, honored, and rewarded.

  • We are entrepreneurial in our search for diversified financial and other resources, but always mindful that they support our vision and strategies rather than create them.



  • The Bible as our guiding force compels us to live beyond reproach taking great care to protect our witness in conveying and personifying the truth of God's Holy writ in all things, above all things, and for all things. 

  • We believe that being open, honest, and transparent is the only way to represent Christ.


Inclusion & Collaboration

  • Collections, programs, collaborative efforts, and leadership reflect the diversity of the organization.

  • Cooperation and mutual respect among various denominations and affiliations, help us to work collaboratively as a team and enables us to take advantage of the diversity of skills and activities conducive to the organization and the greater cause of Christ.

firstdayarmst_300x300 A.jpg
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