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Our Mission

"Connecting Generations to the Authentic Church"
Preserving - Sharing - Connecting

Our Mission Delivery

The Center for African-American Church History & Research, Inc. (CAACHR) is an organization which can be regarded as a trusted provider for African-American historical data and resources related to the preservation of African-American church history. The CAACHR's objective is rooted in relevance that supports the need for historical African-American church resources which . . . . .

  • forges an educational impact for learning African-American church history as a center for research; 

  • provides accessible repository services of historical artifacts, documentaries, literary and photographic works; 

  • advocates for the preservation of the church through African-American church history conferences, think tanks, exhibitions and programs;

  • presents an intriguing network of historic sites that make history meaningful for site visitors; and,

  • operates as a resource for enhancing ministerial leadership.

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