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Bishop Mason and Those Sanctified Women! The Church of God in Christ Offers Paradigm for The Transformation of the Church Woman’s Ministries Through The Positive Influence of C.O.G.I.C.’s Chief Apostle provides a view of Bishop Charles Harrison Mason’s leadership style. In the early 20th Century, he legitimized the import of their work in giving women opportunity, bypassed conventional patriarchal wisdom in his assignment to women, succeeded in bridging dichotomous societal beliefs and values, and allowed him to use those women who availed themselves to leadership. He also transformed the male leadership vision to include the talents of these women. Bishop C.H. Mason seemed to have built a kind of ecosystem where the ideas, goals, and desires of the organization’s female constituent could grow and flourish. Without Mason’s genius of developing strategic alliances through a strong Women’s Department, the Church of God in Christ may not have been the paradigmatic organization it is today. In Sanctified Women, the stories of Black women working in the areas of education, building medical clinics, schools and churches on foreign field and establishing homeland churches display powerful collaboration between the Church of God in Christ founder and others who would promote and defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bishop Charles Harrison Mason & Those Sanctified Women! | August 25, 2018

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